8 years ago
I don’t do jet lag. Here are my tips: The minute you arrive at the airport, turn your watch on whatever time zone you are going to, and start acting like that. If its the nighttime there, then be as quiet and restful as possible, and start eating all your … Read more
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9 years ago
This title is pretty self explanatory. My top 3 rituals for maintaining healthy glowing skin are: Drink a TON of water. Always wash your face in the evening. Not matter how tired you are, or how long a day you’ve had. Start making it a habit, a routine, and … Read more
9 years ago
I realize this title is simple. So, I invite you to this challenge: FOR 30 DAYS: try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, and drink 90oz. of water each day. Then, message me and tell me how you feel. I promise you will feel MUCH better, from night to day.
9 years ago
I travel a ton, and I don’t get jet lag. Here are some of my tips: 1. When you arrive at the airport, immediately turn your clock to the time zone in which you are traveling to. And, start doing the activities of that time. So, if it’s dinner time, plan … Read more
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