7 years ago

I don’t do jet lag. Here are my tips:

  1. The minute you arrive at the airport, turn your watch on whatever time zone you are going to, and start acting like that. If its the nighttime there, then be as quiet and restful as possible, and start eating all your meals on your destination time zone.
  2. Drink an obscene amount of water the day before, the day of, and on the flight. Obscene. Hydration is your best friend
  3. Try to sleep very little the night before, so you are TIRED, and can sleep on the plane.
  4. No alcohol. Trust me on this one. Alcohol is jet lag’s best friend.
  5. Bring extra socks, a sweater, scarf, a small blanket, snuggly items, and an eye mask
  6. If you get tired in your destination city, and its daytime, mainline espresso. Just DONT NAP.
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