9 years ago
This title is pretty self explanatory. My top 3 rituals for maintaining healthy glowing skin are: Drink a TON of water. Always wash your face in the evening. Not matter how tired you are, or how long a day you’ve had. Start making it a habit, a routine, and … Read more
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9 years ago
Travel is my therapy. Why? because I feel so free when I travel. My mind is free from the routine. My body is free from familiar surroundings, and my soul is free to wonder, to explore, and to breathe. Traveling doesn’t have to be far, wide, or expensive. You … Read more
9 years ago
Finding out what works for you, and doing it, everyday, on a consistent basis – is what leads to long-term beauty. So, find the cleaners, lotions, toners, serums, products that work the best. And. Use. Them. Everyday. Period. It’s that simple!
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