10 years ago
I love this photo! We each have something inside of us that makes us sparkle, shine, light up. I invite you to figure out what that is. What makes you super excited? What do you love talking about? What “does it” for you? If you have no idea, start with … Read more
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10 years ago
I LOVE having pink, sparkly toes. Why? I truly get happy everytime I see them. What makes you happy? A fresh mani/pedi? A new lipgloss? Finding a great bargain? Be empowered to identify and know what makes you happy, and then treat yourself. Life is too short to … Read more
10 years ago
Our society, our culture, tends to narrow the definition of beauty, and focuses on human aesthetic, makeup, hair, etc. I invite you to broaden your definition of beauty beyond the makeup aisle, and search for beauty, as you move throughout your day. I’ve made … Read more
10 years ago
This title is pretty self explanatory. My top 3 rituals for maintaining healthy glowing skin are: Drink a TON of water. Always wash your face in the evening. Not matter how tired you are, or how long a day you’ve had. Start making it a habit, a routine, and … Read more
10 years ago
Join us for a Tantrum Handbag trunk show and find the perfect accessory for your Fall wardrobe. Tantrum Handbags offers today’s woman sophistication and redesigned evolutionary interiors that truly transforms lives. Tantrum’s on-trend styling is coupled … Read more
10 years ago
Finding out what works for you, and doing it, everyday, on a consistent basis – is what leads to long-term beauty. So, find the cleaners, lotions, toners, serums, products that work the best. And. Use. Them. Everyday. Period. It’s that simple!
12 years ago
Samira Salman, owner of Salman Solutions, a luxury-oriented, advisory firm, planned her NYFW wardrobe in Paris (ooh la la!), is checking shows with a local connection and has a certain Mario Batali restaurant on her list. Of all the pre-Fashion Week stories making … Read more
13 years ago
Launch of Elie Saab fragrance.
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