10 years ago

I love this photo! We each have something inside of us that makes us sparkle, shine, light up. I invite you to figure out what that is. What makes you super excited? What do you love talking about? What “does it” for you? If you have no idea, start with thinking about what you Google about and read about, in your free time? This should give you a good idea. Here’s a hint, one of the things I get excited about is food. Shocking, I know. LOL. Anyway, I invite you to really determine what makes you shine and sparkle, and bring more of that into your life, however you can. The more happiness, joy, peace, grace and compassion you feel inside, the more it will radiate on the outside, and you’ll start to feel the glow. Share what makes you sparkle in the comments – let’s get a real passion-sparkle-fest going!

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