6 years ago
I’ve been reading, hearing, witnessing a lot of discussion regarding the thinking, wishing, hoping involved with ripping off the band-aid to leave your well-worn path (job, relationship, home), whatever that is. Some people dream about quitting their job every day, … Read more
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8 years ago
I love to dance. Always have. Always will. My first real purchase after I received my first real paycheck was season tickets to the Houston Ballet. Dance is a part of my soul. Adulthood had relegated dance to a small corner of my life – the occasional Mardi Gras ball, girl’s night out, and bachelorette party in Vegas. Well, not anymore. Today, I purchased my first pair of adult ballet shoes. Scheduled a class, and am going to start dancing again. Life is short. Pursue your passions. They are what bring joy to your soul. … Read More
8 years ago
A friend once said this to me: “Be Still.” At the time, I had NO idea what she was talking about. I was so busy rushing around in my very busy tax lawyer life, that I didn’t even have a minute to stop and process her phrase. Years later, not only … Read more
8 years ago
This is my gorgeous godson, who brings so much joy into my life. One of my yearly goals is to spend time with people under the age of 5. Why? because they are pure joy, pure love, pure creativity, pure honesty, and pure curiosity. I find that after I spend time … Read more
8 years ago
Notice this post is in the “Spirit & Self” section. That’s on purpose. Because sometimes the best way to take care of yourself, is with your friends. My friendships mean the world to me, and the women I consider my best friends, have helped … Read more
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