6 years ago
I love to dance. Always have. Always will. My first real purchase after I received my first real paycheck was season tickets to the Houston Ballet. Dance is a part of my soul. Adulthood had relegated dance to a small corner of my life – the occasional Mardi Gras ball, girl’s night out, and bachelorette party in Vegas. Well, not anymore. Today, I purchased my first pair of adult ballet shoes. Scheduled a class, and am going to start dancing again. Life is short. Pursue your passions. They are what bring joy to your soul. … Read More
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7 years ago
In my experience, a go-to workout playlist is a key to success in maintaining a regular fitness routine. Your body will recognize the music, and get pumped up to workout just from the songs. My personal favorite is Pandora Workout Dance Cardio. It truly motivates … Read more
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