7 years ago

This is my gorgeous godson, who brings so much joy into my life. One of my yearly goals is to spend time with people under the age of 5. Why? because they are pure joy, pure love, pure creativity, pure honesty, and pure curiosity. I find that after I spend time with children, I’m lighter, happier, freer, and more content. I always feel a dynamic sense of peace and stability. I haven’t been blessed with children, yet. But I invite each of you to work in more time with them, into your lives. If you have your own, I invite you to cherish the gorgeous gift they are. And if you don’t, I invite you to work them into your life. I am very blessed to have a ton of dear friends with amazing children and “Aunt Sammie” is a nickname I proudly wear. Spend more time with a child, it will make you a better adult. I promise.

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