8 years ago

Do this simple exercise. Get out a blank sheet of paper. Make 3 columns. Label them: Interests, Abilities, Marketplace. Then, fold the paper in 3, and only view one column at a time. Brainstorm items under each column freely, don’t restrict yourself.

  1. Under the interest column, list all the things you are interested in: art, music, medicine, law, technology, social media, etc. Just list your interests. Brainstorm. Be creative. If you are not sure what you are interested in, look at your Google search box. What do you read/talk about in your free time? What are your favorite activities in which to engage?
  2. Under the abilities column, list everything you have the ability to do, which means – things you have done and know you can do, including your natural talents abilities, your schooling, and your paid and unpaid work in certain areas. For instance: drawing, painting, spreadsheets, consulting, advising, law, dancing, programming, gaming, decorating, etc. Think about the professional licenses you hold. But also think about your hobbies. Are you a great cook? Into wine? Are you handy around the house? Know how to fix cars? Really great at astronomy? What about being a great problem solver? Or mediator? Or party planner? Get creative. And really exhaust the list of possibilities.
  3. Then, under the marketplace column, list items you know people get paid for: dancing, lawyering, art, music, programming, gaming, etc. These are either actual jobs you know people have and get paid for. Or, things you know that people will pay you to do.

Once your filled in all columns, unfold the paper and look across all of them, and see if you can find some common themes? Have you listed activities in which you have an interest? are good at? and can get paid for? Then this should give you a great starting point. Try this exercise, and then let me know your thoughts. Feel free to ask questions #AskSamira.

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