9 years ago

Do you list the gifts from failed business relationships? Failure. It’s a guarantee in any business journey. But, how do you define failure? and what do you do with it? I myself have had several business partnerships that did not lead to the economic results. Were they failure? In many people’s eyes, yes. But in mine, no. They were gifts. Blessings. Because after each experience, I turned to my notebook/journal (see that post) and reflected. I turned that frown upside down and looked for the silver lining. Yes, I lost money. Sometimes a lot of money. But, if you just describe success and failure in pure monetary terms, you are seriously missing out. Success is much more than cash. It’s about garnering the experiences, abilities, connections, tools, and relationships to facilitate the next leg of your journey. So, even if you lost cash, ask yourself: What did I gain? And write it down. In your journal/notebook. For every failed business relationships, I have gained:

  1. New learnings about myself, my needs, my boundaries and my limits.
  2. A great appreciation for my gut, and learning how to listen to it, and really hear it.
  3. A slew of new contacts – people I would not have meet, but for an introduction from my “ex”.
  4. A slew of new experiences – conferences, events, restaurants, parties, homes, again, that I would not have experiences but for my “ex”.
  5. A new set of rules and standards to enter my next business relationship smarter, wiser, and more able to identify and honor my needs and boundaries.

So, I see these failures as blessings because I’m a #fastlearner, and can’t wait to try out my learnings next time. Message me, and let me know the gifts you’ve received from failed business relationships.

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