10 years ago

Make this your mantra. In my experience, “sliding by” works, sometimes. But, showing up fully prepared, engaged, with all your homework completed, i’s dotted and t’s crossed, is a more guaranteed path to success. I learned this very young in my career as a corporate tax lawyer. I was thrown into the Mergers & Acquisitions tax structuring practice of Arthur Andersen in Houston, TX (yes, that Arthur Andersen that worked on Enron). Up until then, I had taken 1 tax class in law school – personal income tax. My work, was in the corporate area. So, I had NO IDEA what was going on, literally, I didn’t understand 1/2 of what people would say to me. They were using terminology, examples and illustrations, that were completely foreign to me. In the evenings, I would take treatises home, and study. I would review my assignments over and over, just to be sure I knew what was going on. Not only did I learn corporate tax, but I learned the true value of preparation and doing your homework, in a non-educational environment. This practice, of continual excellence, is something I strive to practice. Each and every day. What do you do to exude excellence? I’d love to hear. Please write me in the #AskSamira box, or in the comments below.

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