9 years ago

My Notebook (and my favorite Uniball vision fine blue pen). Why a notebook? Because, it is the one and only place that I can take what is in my head and deposit it somewhere, that won’t get lost, but will (a) make room for more thoughts, ideas, visions and inspirations to pop into my head, and (b) start the process of turning vision into action. You see, one of my favorite quotes is: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese Proverb. Both are necessary for success. But vision, must be turned into action. Strategic action.

And, there is something very very therapeutic about putting pen to paper. And actually writing. If you just google “the benefits of journaling” there are tons of results explaining the health and wellness reasons to journal. Feel free to read them at your leisure (http://goo.gl/g9mPOs.) Basically, I carry around one paper notebook. And one pen. And write everything in it: client notes, to do lists, thoughts, questions, ideas, problems. I use it as my own personal depository. I keep everything in one place, and can go back and reference when I need to. I date and number each page, and I use a colored tab system to label important pages. This is a practice I advise my clients to participate in. You should try it. Carry around 1 notebook. For 30 days. Write down all your notes, to do lists, thoughts, feelings, ideas. And then message me after 30 days, and let me know how you feel. Another added bonus is that I find a great deal of relief, satisfaction and joy, from crossing things off of my to do list. Sometimes I even populate the list with easy items, so I can cross them off, such as: wake up, take a shower, go to bed, etc. Happy Journaling!

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