7 years ago
In my workout class last week, the circuit included depth jumps. This involves jumping up onto a series of sequentially higher boxes, ending with the last box, which is 32” high. The instructor’s disclaimer: “if you don’t feel comfortable with any of the boxes, … Read more
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9 years ago
Do this simple exercise. Get out a blank sheet of paper. Make 3 columns. Label them: Interests, Abilities, Marketplace. Then, fold the paper in 3, and only view one column at a time. Brainstorm items under each column freely, don’t restrict yourself. Under the … Read more
10 years ago
The goal of BRAC’s Big Think is to get you thinking. Thinking about how your company could change. Grow. Innovate. Maybe even collaborate. From enlightening speaker presentations to inspiring concepts like Innovation Alley and Companies To Watch to our … Read more
10 years ago
Companies that have female directors out perform those that only have men. A Credit Suisse report found that, overall, companies with a market cap greater than US$ 10 billion that have at least one woman on the board of directors outperformed those that had no … Read more
10 years ago
Friends, if you read NO other books this year, read this one. STAT. The 50th Law. It’s incredible. A dear friend recommended it to me, and I couldn’t put it down. 50 Cent wrote this book with Robert Greene, and it’s right on. It says what most … Read More
10 years ago
Think Global Institute is a 16-week community-focused business institute for women entrepreneurs in the growth-phase. We are accepting applications now from women business owners looking for hands-on advising, customized solutions and an expanded network of … Read more
10 years ago
The power of supporting women entrepreneurs in the growth stage. Startups have a lot of support, but what happens when you start to make money and grow? Entrepreneurship can be lonely! There is power in expanding your network and surrounding yourself with … Read more
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