10 years ago
What is your breakfast heaven? What’s the one food and one beverage that you just LOVE? One of mine is a great coffee and simple, delicious croissant. Sometimes, the simple pleasures in life bring the most joy.
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12 years ago
By the time Quattro’s chef Maurizio Ferrarese had served several hundred Texas Akaushi meatballs and Mockingbird Bistro’s chef John Sheely had depleted his supply of pork belly with seared scallop on sweet potato mousse, no one attending … Read more
12 years ago
“Raising the Barre: A Dinner in Four Acts” gave members of Houston Ballet’s young professional group a tasty spin at Haven. Host chef Randy Evans along with guests Monica Pope (T’afia) and Chris Shepherd (Underbelly) prepped the four-course … Read more
12 years ago
It’s that time of year again: the season when the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo demonstrates its surprising commitment to class-act wine and food. For three segments, we chat with wine importer Stephanie Baird and Del Frisco’s GM Arthur Mooradian about the … Read more
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