10 years ago
Because I LOVE to and it makes me happy. I started photographing my food when I was gifted my first camera in 1989. For me, some of my best times have been experiences at the table, hence, Samira’s Table. I feel that food is the medium through which we can … Read more
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10 years ago
This dish is pure deliciousness. First, I’ve never tasted anything like it. Second, I crave it. In fact, as I type this post, I can feel the chewy texture of the dumplings, the hot and spicy sauce, the earthy organic goat. The crispy sesame. I want to fly to … Read more
12 years ago
“Raising the Barre: A Dinner in Four Acts” gave members of Houston Ballet’s young professional group a tasty spin at Haven. Host chef Randy Evans along with guests Monica Pope (T’afia) and Chris Shepherd (Underbelly) prepped the four-course … Read more
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