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“Entrepreneurship” is a popular buzzword and although we’ve all thrown it out there in various contexts, it’s important to understand what it really means. We are thrilled and honored to have entrepreneur Samira Salman joining us on November 11th for an interactive talk about her journey to success. It’s going to be an unforgettable learning opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, as well as anyone curious about building a fulfilling life personally and professionally.

Samira is CEO and founder of Salman Solutions, LLC, a strategic planning and business development company; co-founder and Managing Director of Global Access Partner, LLC, an international business development firm; and a senior advisor to Think Global Institute, an advisory firm for women entrepreneurs. She also has a wonderful lifestyle community called Samira’s Table.

Below, Samira gives us her perspective on being action-oriented, eating great meals, working through obstacles as an entrepreneur, and more. Make sure to sign up for her interactive talk to glean even more wisdom from Samira: womenleadingthefuture.eventbrite.com.

From your time in corporate tax law to helping businesses achieve their full potential with Salman Solutions, which elements of your career have most inspired and motivated you?

I’m most inspired and motivated by my fearlessness and proactivity. I was always one of the first people to raise my hand for a new project, opportunity, or experience. I live my life by the Nike motto: Just Do It. You’ll never know unless you try, and to try, you have to make a committed action. I am super organized, and I plan and develop clear, pointed strategies. And once I’ve made a plan, I implement it full-steam ahead tweaking as necessary along the way. Success is a balance of planning and action. But action is the key ingredient.

What are the primary challenges women tend to face on their path to entrepreneurship?

The overwhelming challenge women entrepreneurs face is allowing gender to define us. We are entrepreneurs. As women, we need that visceral feeling of knowing we have all the tools, capabilities, training, and access for success. This means we can and will do whatever it takes to build the company and environment we envision. We will build a team using the right tools and  resources for success while understanding that limitations come in all shapes, colors, experiences, and sizes. Our job as entrepreneurs is to identify and move past any limitations, regardless of their origin.

Our motto at Ladies NYC is “women helping women.” What role has this concept played in your career, both when you were a rising entrepreneur and now as an established business owner?

​I believe we have a duty as successful entrepreneurs to mentor and sponsor other female entrepreneurs. Early in my career, as a corporate tax lawyer in the energy industry, I was challenged to find engaged, committed female mentors or sponsors. Now as an established business owner, I actively make time to mentor those around me including peers. As women, we need to support one another in a committed way and to that end, I’m actively involved in groups such as Think Global Institute, Ladies NYC, the ACG Women of Leadership, and Louisiana Women’s Leadership Roundtable.

In your many speaking engagements, what are the most common questions asked?

  • How did I quit practicing law to start my own business?
  • How do I effectively manage the variety of companies and projects in which I’m involved?
  • How do I eat all the delicious food I post on social media and maintain my health and wellness?​

When you’re not working, how do you enjoy spending your time?

I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere. I love to explore the culinary world by eating, cooking, foraging, discovering new restaurants, food markets, etc. I love sitting and connecting with friends, 1:1 and in small groups.

I love the beach, any activity that involves the water. I love to be still, by the water, with my journal, or a solo walk. I love the ballet and all performing arts. And I truly love being engaged in life, getting out there and exploring my surroundings. I feel blessed and grateful to be part of this experience we call life. I want to soak up every morsel, every day, and share with others as often as I can (hence my website: www.samirastable.com.)

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