10 years ago
How gorgeous is this painting? I was walking in NYC the other day, and I just passed it. It was so stunning that I had to stop and snap a photo. Then I stood there for a minute and thought to myself: Wow! what a blessing to see such a gorgeous painting, on the side … Read more
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10 years ago
How cool is this photo? It was at the Sharq Village & Spa in Doha, Qatar. I remember thinking what a creative way to use spices, so the decorations integrate with the food, and vice versa. What are creative ways you’ve seen food used as art? decorations?
12 years ago
A duo of Houstonians took over New York’s Metropolitan Room on Thursday to showcase their talents. Filmmaker and art collector Michel Muylle presented an abridged screening of his Gold REMI Award-winning documentary Collector’s Waltz, which features … Read more
12 years ago
The art crowd looked both forward and back to start the New Year. On the first night of gallery openings at 4411 Montrose, Barbara Davis Gallery’s Mile Marker show – celebrating her 30 years in the business- hit the high note. Many of her top-notch … Read more
14 years ago
It’s an art gallery. It’s a studio. It’s an artist’s home. And recently it was party central for the Baylor College of Medicine Teen Health Clinics and the Foundation for Teen Health. The spacious Heights Boulevard home that artist John … Read more
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