9 years ago

I am thrilled to be an instructor at the LSU Law Center during Apprenticeship Week which is held January 4-8, 2016. Throughout this week, master lawyers and judges will teach LSU Law upperclass students in small enrollment, hands-on mini-courses. Each mini-course will aim to provide students with focused, task-oriented training not generally available in law school courses and usually available only through actual practice experience.

I am teaching Building Your Business and Your Brand – Strategic Lessons for Real World Success: This course will explore the key strategies and actions to build a successful business, whether inside a law firm, on your own, or in an alternative career. Students will set goals, prepare strategic action plans, build a social media presence, engage in business development activities, and explore all the critical areas of building a business and brand. Students will be required to develop an elevator pitch, outline a basic business plan, build a basic financial model, read basic financial statements, and craft a basic business development/marketing plan.

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