5 years ago
Do you list the gifts from failed business relationships? Failure. It’s a guarantee in any business journey. But, how do you define failure? and what do you do with it? I myself have had several business partnerships that did not lead to the economic results. Were … Read more
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6 years ago
My Notebook (and my favorite Uniball vision fine blue pen). Why a notebook? Because, it is the one and only place that I can take what is in my head and deposit it somewhere, that won’t get lost, but will (a) make room for more thoughts, ideas, visions and … Read more
6 years ago
A friend once said this to me: “Be Still.” At the time, I had NO idea what she was talking about. I was so busy rushing around in my very busy tax lawyer life, that I didn’t even have a minute to stop and process her phrase. Years later, not only … Read more
6 years ago
We all have one. That place where we go to reconnect with ourselves. People’s special places vary. Some people go to the mountains, others go to the country, some have a room or area in their home, some have a local place of interest. Whatever your special … Read more
6 years ago
I do these 3 things everyday. Well, I try to do them everyday. But that doesn’t make them any less of a mantra. I meditate for 20 minutes each morning and evening. I write at least 5 items in my gratitude journal, and I write my thoughts, feelings and prayers … Read more
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