7 months ago
In my workout class last week, the circuit included depth jumps. This involves jumping up onto a series of sequentially higher boxes, ending with the last box, which is 32” high. The instructor’s disclaimer: “if you don’t feel comfortable with any of the boxes, … Read more
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11 months ago
What makes a successful entrepreneur? At a recent event hosted by Deals and Divas, CEOs discussed their experiences building their businesses and the lessons they learned in the process.   Julie dePontbriand, ShopVenture Kari Saitowitz, The Fhitting Room … Read more
1 year ago
2016 FREE BUSINESS BOOT CAMP Business BootCamp Application Hosted By Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur-Christine Souffrant Date: Saturday, July 30, 2016 Time: 8am-5pm 8am-9am Registration (Purchase breakfast on site) 9:00-9:15 am- Opening Remarks & Orientation by … Read more
2 years ago
DEALS AND DIVAS Deals and Divas is a leading provider of networking events, educational forums and social activities for women in the “deal” space.  We are made up of inspirational and aspirational women who are entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, … Read more
2 years ago
“Entrepreneurship” is a popular buzzword and although we’ve all thrown it out there in various contexts, it’s important to understand what it really means. We are thrilled and honored to have entrepreneur Samira Salman joining us on November 11th for an interactive … Read more
2 years ago
Join Ladies NYC and entrepreneur, Samira Salman, for an inspirational, informative and interactive talk on how to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Samira will cover topics such as tips and tricks for success, how to overcome roadblocks and find happiness. Bring … Read more
2 years ago
Presented by The Negotiation Institute, the 2015 WIN Summit brings together experts from around the world to share tested strategies and diverse perspectives on gender equality in the business world and how women in the workplace can harness their strengths, … Read more
2 years ago
Local entrepreneur and strategic consultant Samira Salman will address the United Nations later this week during a workshop on the benefits of collaborating and sharing experiences from the private sector as a way to solve global problems. The workshop is part of a … Read more
3 years ago
A: Because we have abandoned our passion, guts, and hearts. For spreadsheets, checklists, and anxiety. Big consulting has caused us to be scared, timid, and take passion out of our businesses. This country was built on a foundation of entrepreneurial spirit, … Read more
3 years ago
Do you list the gifts from failed business relationships? Failure. It’s a guarantee in any business journey. But, how do you define failure? and what do you do with it? I myself have had several business partnerships that did not lead to the economic results. Were … Read more
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